Mind.Blown #2

Domus is a gorgeous design and architecture magazine.  English and Italian text live side-by-side; this adds a certain level of sex appeal.  Today in the library I read the special report on hotels (August 2011, I believe), and now feel the need to travel, solely for the purpose of staying in hotels.  The Domus-inspired grand tour would have to include:
  • Dar HI in Nefta, Tunisia.  My preference would be for one of the Pill Houses.
  • Michelberger Hotel, Berlin, Germany.  Almost unbearably hip, but if I'm fantasy-travelling, then I'm also cool enough to get in the door.
  • Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam.  Because it's time I associate Amsterdam with something other than John Irving novels.
Clearly I have a few stops to make after Vietnam and after Russia.  Maybe I enjoy planning vacations more than I enjoy taking them?  No, wait.  That doesn't sound quite right...

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