Mind.Blown #1

Of all strange things, I have landed a job as Library Technician at the art school here in Dawson.  Add that to my other job title of Tech Records and Quality Assurance, and my other ([un]official) titles of filmmaker, artist, radio host, Vice-President of the Board of Directors, committee member (x2), and I sound like I am an awfully busy person.  I am an awfully busy person.  But this library gig is amazing: when I received my master key to the school, I felt like I had been given the key to the universe.

I have hardly begun to explore the 1700 volumes housed in the SOVA Library, or looked at the dozens of beautiful periodicals, or figured out what we have access to online, but I know I am going to find incredible books, dvds and magazines at every turn.  So I am going to keep a list, starting with these gems:

  • "DIY: Make Your Own Vegetable Orchestra" in the summer 2011 issue of Musicworks.  This is exactly what it sounds like (har har):  instructions for how to make a carrot slide whistle, parsnip oboe and carrot ocarina.  MusicworksThe Vegetable Orchestra; Mr. Koyama Junji on YouTube.
  • Sophie Calle: M'as-tu vue is the catalogue for an exhibition at the Pompidou Centre.  I have already read the description of her fake marriage three times, and will read it again before I shelve the book.  N6853.C26
  • Learning to Love You More is a collection of projects created in response to Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July's web-based art project of the same name.  It seems like it would be sickeningly sentimental, but the book is actually rather magical and poignant.  I may have to do an assignment or two.  N72.S6 F596
  • Michael Snow: almost Cover to Cover is something that I am officially dying to read.  He was interviewed in Brick last winter, which made me suggest that we invite him up for film fest.  That didn't happen, but this book will help make up for that.  N6549.S66 A4
And now back to "work"...


  1. I've got that Miranda July book. It's quite witty. Have you read her stories or seen her films or heard her music? All but the latter (early 90s riot grrl Portland scene) are great.

  2. Oops, late 90s actually ... and on Kill Rock Stars which is out of Olympia, Washington not Portlandia.

  3. Yeah... I can't figure out if I've actually seen Me and You and Everyone We Know, or if I just meant to see it and haven't yet. I do sort of feel like playtime in the library is over for the moment--I'm still finding tons of great stuff to read but barely any time to skim let alone read properly. Lots of random projects on my plate, and sooooo exhausted from my 56-hour work weeks.