Meat & Potatoes #48

Aired Sunday September 18.

I nearly fell over one day in the library last week when my wandering eyes happened upon this book:

I have wanted to read Invisible Cities for years and years and years, but have never come across it so conveniently before.  Despite the long wait and the anticipation, it did not disappoint.  I shared the love on the radio last Sunday, and read several of the short chapters, interspersed with (totally unrelated) music.
  1. Elvis Presley--Suspicious Minds
  2. Chad VanGaalen--Sara
  3. Orillia Opry--Lucky Wind
  4. Jane Vain & the Dark Matter--C'mon Baby Say Bang Bang
  5. Final Fantasy--The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead
  6. Bell Orchestre--Quintet
  7. Beirut--Brandenburg
  8. Chic Gamine--Say It
  9. Melissa McClelland--A Girl Can Dream
  10. Luke Doucet & the White Falcon--Cleveland
  11. Fleet Foxes--The Sun It Rises
  12. Iron & Wine--Wolves (Song of the Shepherd's Dog)
  13. Bon Iver--Bracket, WI
  14. Slow Club--Giving Up on Love
  15. Wintersleep--Weight Ghost
  16. Patrick Watson--Giver
  17. Jefferson Airplane--Plastic Fantastic Lover
  18. Velvet Underground--Sweet Jane
  19. Led Zeppelin--You Shook Me
  20. Queen--Fat Bottomed Girls
  21. David Bowie--Young Americans
  22. Daryl Hall & John Oates--Maneater
  23. Robbie Williams--Millenium

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