More Gardening

I think I may be too impatient to handle waiting for seeds to germinate.  I only put my parsley and chives in the ground on Saturday, and am already eagerly scanning the ground for signs of life.  And agonizing a little: what if nothing grows?

On Sunday I put my moonflower seeds into the ground.  Right now it looks like I planted sticks:
And I am not sure that I am going to have much more luck than that.  In retrospect, a plant that blooms at night may not have been a good choice for a place with 24-hour daylight.  I think I will have to wait until August before I can even hope to see any blooms, and by then frost will be a concern.  Also, a little bit of reading on the internets about moonflowers leads me to think that they require rather more delicate conditions and care than I can provide.  I did put my fourteen seeds in various spots around the garden, so hopefully something will stick somewhere.

Fortunately there are enough other hardier plants already out in the garden that do just fine on their own.  This lovely poppy joined the party yesterday.

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