Meat & Potatoes #31

Reading and music as usual.  I read two selections from the Spring 2011 Lapham's Quarterly on "Lines of Work"; the first was Gloria Steinem's piece on working at the Playboy Club in New York in the '60s, and the second was two emails written in 2010 from an American Apparel manager regarding the dress code.  Creepy reads, to say the least.

  1. TV on the Radio--Bomb Yourself
  2. Devendra Banhart--I Feel Like a Child
  3. Fleet Foxes--Grown Ocean
  4. The Beach Boys--God Only Knows
  5. Alex Ebert--A Million Years
  6. The Burning Hell--The Berlin Conference
  7. Conor Oberst--I Don't Want to Die (in the Hospital)
  8. Tom Waits--Heigh Ho
  9. Modest Mouse--Paper Thin Walls
  10. Pedro the Lion--Criticism as Inspiration
  11. The Books--All You Need is a Wall
  12. Stevie Wonder--I Wish
  13. Curtis Mayfield--Pusherman
  14. Tower of Power--So Very Hard to Go
  15. Joe Simon--Drowning in the Sea of Love
  16. Pointer Sisters--Jump (for My Love)
  17. The O-Jays--Love Train
  18. Bill Withers--Use Me
  19. Fleetwood Mac--You Make Loving Fun
  20. Andy Kym--Rock Me Gently
  21. Freddie Scott--(You) Got What I Need
  22. Pablo Cruise--Love Will Find a Way
  23. Aretha Franklin--(Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You've Been Gone
  24. Leo Sayer--You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
  25. Gary Numan--Films

Looking at the song titles from this show makes me think that an entire show devoted to songs with parentheses in their titles would be really funny...

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