Man Cave Curtain

Ben moved into staff accom recently--it's a scuzzy little room in an Atco trailer and really is rather...  well...  it's staff accom, and there is a reason I pay a premium for my lovely little cabin.  His room didn't even come with curtains for the two windows, so I whipped one up to cover the larger one, and will take care of the other small window when I get back from Alaska next week (ROAD TRIP!!!).

The curtain is actually a three-layer sandwich: the baseball print on the outside, with an old dark blue bedsheet in the middle to help block out the light.  It's my cheater black-out curtain method, and really I need to do this for my place, too.  Even though it's only May, it is still quite bright out late at night, and the sun comes up early--and it's only going to get worse...

The baseball print was in a bag of random fabric that an acquaintance gave me when she found out that I had bought a sewing machine and didn't have any sort of "stash" at all.  It was definitely a mixed bag, but fun to pull out something I wouldn't use otherwise for a project for my young man.  It was either baseball or teddy bears, and I wouldn't want all those dirt baggers and stakers out at the compound to laugh at his drapery.

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