More Flower Photographs (Since My Mom Said She Likes Them)

When I planted a few seeds in May, I pretty much just tossed things wherever, and didn't worry much about planting the seeds at the recommended distances.  I figured if anything came up, I could just thin as necessary.  The parsley seeds in the garden turned out to be a bust, although I don't think this is my fault.  My landlady takes care of the lawn and has also done some work in the gardens--including top-dressing with a load of fresh soil directly on top of my tiny little parsley sprouts.  So no parsley.  But I have a box full of skinny little chives, and a barrel of cosmos.  The container gardening is working out surprisingly well for me.

The cosmos are a few inches high, and looked like they needed more space.  I decided to try transplanting a few of the extras into the garden (where my parsley should have been...), rather than just pulling them out.  I don't have much in the way of gardening tools, so I dug up the plants with a kitchen spoon.
This bit of ancestral silverware (the everyday cutlery at home for many years when I was little, and then I inherited it when homesteading during university) worked quite well as a gardening utensil.  And I could entertain myself taking spoon/plant pictures:
Besides putting some of the cosmos in the garden, I also planted a few in cups.  This is grade-school science project gardening, by way of a keg party:
If there are any survivors, I may try turning one into a house plant.  For now they look cute tucked on the bottom of the porch railing:
A few of the moonflowers I planted have sprouted as well, although they are really quite small still (as are the cosmos, in all honesty).  Dawson gardening lesson learned: start seeds indoors early on, or the summer will be half over before they are more than three inches tall.  Fortunately I like macro photography, and the moonflowers have great veins.
The other plants are doing well.  The garden is a wilderness of daisies--so many that they choke out all the other weeds.  But it's not all daisies.  I don't know what kind of plant this is, but it is gorgeous:
Even in bud-form it looks lovely:
There are these crazy long petals that grow off towards the back.  This is the sort of thing that will start walking around and eating us all after nuclear armageddon.
 I also really love the new foliage on this ornamental maple:
The rose is still going strong, and has put out two new blooms.  It is actually getting big enough that I think I should prune it.  Except that I am nervous to prune it.  Roses seem like one of those plants that require actual gardening technique; I'm afraid that if I prune it wrong, I'll lose the whole thing.  I'm growing rather attached--besides being so pretty, it was a present from Ben--and would hate to kill it.
His mint is still going crazy.  It's a total jungle, with the chocolate and orange varieties threatening to overwhelm the spearmint and peppermint.
According to one of my sisters-in-law, it's "big" that Ben moved his mint in, but really it reminds me more of a little kid who begs and begs and begs to get a puppy and promises that he'll feed it and walk it and brush it every day and please please please can I have a puppy canIhaveapuppy canIhaveapuppy???  Except that once little Rover is part of the family, it's Mom who ends up doing the walking and poop-scooping.  Ben has watered it a couple of times, and will sometimes make himself a mint julep, but really I'm the one responsible for the mintbaby.  It's hard to complain, however.  The watering (when necessary--we've had more than enough rain lately) is rather relaxing, and I have been drinking gallons of mint water.  So tasty and fresh!  And mojitos are definitely going to happen this weekend...

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