"I'm living for the weekend/ Just like all good working people do"

Weekends are such a joy.  So much better than mere "days off", which so often fell mid-week.

Last night Ben and I went out to the Timber Timbre show at the Palace Grand.  "Local folk heroes" Three Cords and the Truth did a great job of kicking things off... but I have really mixed feelings about the Timber Timbre side of the deal.  I think the show just really needed a more relaxed atmosphere.  The stage lighting was very, very minimalist--just three red bulbs in industrial cages--which got hard to look at after a while, and rather dull for the entire duration of the show.  Add in the fact that the Palace Grand has appallingly uncomfortable chairs and that it was freezing cold...  The conditions were just not pleasant for relaxing into the rather trippy stylings of Timber Timbre, and getting lost in the repetitions.  I would have had way more fun if there had been a bar.  A bar that I could have walked too, and saved my tailbone.  And a bit of haze in the room.  Not that I wanted to smoke anything myself, but I do like buzz that comes from being in a "foggy" room.  All the physical discomforts were distracting, and overall I just feel like I could like Timber Timbre's music much more than I do, but I just... don't.

We went out to the Pit for drinks afterwards, and accidentally had a bigger night out than we had been intending.  We were joined by a few friends (Brendan and Jed, and a few others came and went) and somehow Ben invented (?) Butterscotch Guiness, and we did shots, and danced to the classic rock stylings of the Friday Night Pit Band.  I'm sad that Richard and the guys don't already know Fat Bottomed Girls, but he did say they are trying to learn it.  Ben and I rounded out the evening with late night Chinese food from the Sun.  I haven't "gone out" like that in ages, and it felt like the old days in Dawson when I was just a summer person and not all settled down with a real job and life.

Today has been equally pleasant--very social, in the best small town tradition.  Ran into coworkers while out at breakfast, and then later when reviewing gallery submissions in preparation for tomorrow's selection session, I ran into all sorts of people at KIAC and in the surrounding streets.

And I did a little shopping while out.  I finally got around to picking up a stylin' ODD Gallery t-shirt:
And when I saw this hanging basket of nicotina at the farmer's market, I decided that I was definitely too impatient to wait for my own seeds to sprout:
Those seeds may be getting their act together.  I hope that these little leaves are actually my cosmos and not just evidence of my poor weeding job:
More fun to come: a little volunteering tonight to bring in some cash for CFYT, and hopefully I'll make it to the screening of Santiago Giralt's film as well.  Then selections tomorrow afternoon and my radio show in the evening.  With time in between for some reading and sewing, of course.

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