Meat & Potatoes #35

I was thinking that a young cousin of mine would be tuning into my show last night and had this whole thing planned that I would be the good kind of bad influence and besides playing her requested Justin Bieber, I would introduce her to...  well... some different music.  But Amelia wasn't able to tune in, so I... played Justin Bieber for nothing.  Well, not really for nothing.  Amelia has been peppering her Facebook wall posts and emails with enough exclamation points to make it rather rewarding.  And I remember when I was her age (and younger [and always]) how I thought that my older cousins were the coolest people ever, and it seems that now it's my turn to have a little cousin who thinks I'm cool.  I'd buy that with a Justin Bieber bribe!

  1. Justin Rutledge--Don't Be So Mean Jellybean
  2. Johnny Cash--I See A Darkness
  3. Calexico--I Send My Love to You
  4. Oldham Brothers--Wouldn't It Be Nice
  5. Queen--Fat Bottomed Girls
  6. David Bowie & Queen--Under Pressure
  7. David Bowie--Heroes
  8. MIKA--Grace Kelly
  9. Scissor Sisters--I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
  10. Janelle Monae--Tightrope
  11. Leo Sayer--You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
  12. Pablo Cruise--Love Will Find a Way
  13. Andy Kim--Rock Me Gently
  14. TV on the Radio--Young Liars
  15. The Clash--London Calling
  16. Beastie Boys--Root Down
  17. Buck 65 (feat Sufjan Stevens & Serengeti)--Blood, Pt 2
  18. Sage Francis (feat Alias & Will Oldham)--Sea Lion
  19. LL Cool J--Going Back to Cali
  20. The Rolling Stones--Beast of Burden
  21. Bruce Springsteen--I'm on Fire
  22. The Traveling Wilburys--Handle With Care
  23. Cat Power--Sweedeedee
  24. Jeff Buckley--Satisfied Mind
  25. Neko Case--Deep Red Bells
  26. Justin Bieber--U Smile

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