I don't know what it is...

...but it sure is pretty!  I am loving taking photographs of it all (although there are a few mystery flowers out there--I am not so good at identifying).
After a spell of hot weather in May, June has been cool, with patches of clouds and rather frequent rain.  Everything is very green, and even the seeds I planted are finally poking up through the earth.  These little green nubbins are the (particularly exciting) first signs of the chives:
There are irises in bloom:
And the formerly indoor rose is flourishing outside--not only just lots of new foliage but also new flowers in progress:
There are wild roses, too:
And there are all sorts of lovely mystery flowers.  There is a shrub covered in dozens of these tiny pink flowers:
And these are all over the place:
These yellow flowers are also on some kind of shrub:
The mint on the porch is rampant--especially the orange mint: 
And whatever this plant is, it sure has interesting foliage:
It may even be some kind of thistle; the stem was quite spiny.

There are also poppies and fireweed, and lots of daisies and columbine (maybe) and delphiniums (I think).  Also weeds.  There are many weeds.  I'd say that I would take care of that this weekend, but I did get roped into working tomorrow and I have agreed to do some writing for What's Up Yukon this summer that needs to get started this weekend and we're working on residency selections this Sunday and I have my radio show to do and a sewing challenge to live up to, plus some reading I really want to get done, so...  Weeding is a little low on the list, I guess.  However: admiring the flowers remains high on the priority list.

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