It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Some people out there get excited about Christmas.  Or their birthday.  Or maybe an anniversary.  And I will admit that I am looking forward to celebrating an anniversary soon (one whole year with Ben as of May--how lovely!), I don't think there is any annual event that gets me quite as excited as the Dawson City International Film Festival.

I spend a lot of time planning for it: many, many sessions in the classroom at KIAC voting off the unworthy films and praying that my favourites will get in.  I attend the committee meetings, and sometimes even get roped into writing the minutes (I hate writing minutes).  I silkscreened pillows last year, and this year it was t-shirts.  Last year I drank too much at the martini naming meeting, and fully intend to do the same thing this year.  I helped get the first-ever film festival community blog off the ground.

This year, I am heavy into the blog.  Like, not just planning to post the weekend-of, but also getting lots and lots and lots of amazing stuff posted in advance.  I emailed a long list of filmmakers who have work in the festival, and asked them to tell me about their inspiration and why the submitted to the festival.  I was overwhelmed by how many people took the time to respond, and now have everything posted at the film festival blog's new home (we've joined forces with the KIAC blog so that all the KIAC-y awesomeness is in one convenient location).  It's a great read, and hopefully will get you feeling the film fest love.

Still from Sad Bear, which is showing on Friday at 8 pm during the Secret Tales Screening.
I wrote a little bit about my own little movie here, and you can find the full festival schedule here.

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