Meat & Potatoes #8

A rather more successful show than last week.  I didn't prep my playlist in advance, and flying by the seat of my pants worked out better than expected.  I also described how to make chicken fried steak; find the recipe here.

  1. Sufjan Stevens--All Delighted People
  2. Jeff Buckley--Ulalume
  3. Florence + the Machine--Girl With One Eye (Bayou Percussion Version)
  4. The XX--Hot Like Fire
  5. No Kids--For Halloween
  6. OK Go--It's Tough to Have a Crush
  7. Cat Power--Breathless
  8. Okkervil River--A Stone
  9. Neko Case--Lion's Jaws
  10. Jenn Grant--Britt 'n Kipp
  11. Rocky Horror Picture Show--There's a Light
  12. Rocky Horror Picture Show--Hot Patootie Bless My Soul
  13. Rocky Horror Picture Show--Eddie
  14. The Like--You Belong to Me
  15. Belle and Sebastian--Funny Little Frog
  16. Metric--The Police and the Private
  17. Hayden--Dynamite Walls
  18. The Consecos--Beyond the River
  19. Angus and Julia Stone--Mango Tree
  20. Bob Dylan--Jolene
  21. Hamilton Camp--Pride of Man
  22. Tim Buckley--I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain
  23. Dave Rawlings Machine--Monkey and the Engineer
  24. The Little Willies--I'll Never Get Out of this World Alive
  25. Of Montreal--Hydra Fancies

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