Tattoo Tuesday

I love getting mail.  And I love that I have to go to the post office to get my mail.  I like the anticipation and the at last feeling when an awaited something finally arrives, and I also like the surprises that sometimes come (but maybe not so much the bills that arrive all too often).  Also, living so very far from any decent shopping of any sort means that I rely quite a bit on the postal service to bring me things I might otherwise purchase in person.

I currently have a couple of subscriptions that deliver monthly goodness to me, and ensure a steady stream of mail-based happiness.  The newest one is a Tattly subscription of temporary tattoos.

I can't even remember now how I stumbled across Tattly and their subscriptions, but I'm glad I happened upon them when I did:  I hadn't realized when I placed my order that the subscription service was a limited time offer.  I have often thought of getting a real (really permanent) tattoo, but then often end up being glad that the desire passed without me actually acting on it.  I worry about ruining the lines of a formal dress (not that I wear formal dresses all that often, but I do like to keep it classy when I do), or having something become utterly revolting-looking as I age and become wrinkly and saggy (why make a bad situation worse?).  And too much changes all the time for me to settle on something--a design, a phrase--that would be lastingly meaningful.

But a temporary tattoo?  Well, I'd be willing to temporarily tattoo myself with pretty much anything.  I even think that these Ta-Ta-Toos are hilarious, although I do feel rather guilty that they amuse me.  Part of it is certainly that all the tattoos are simply photoshopped onto the same chest in all the product shots; I mean, the company couldn't find anyone with a remotely okay-looking rack to actually test-drive these in real life?  Anyway... my Tattly tattoos are much classier.

Last week, as soon as my shiny metal tin arrived in the mail, I slapped my favourite of the designs on my forearm.

I really like this pipe-smokin' bunny rabbit--so much so that I rather wish I had another one to wear again sometime.  I feel like the little guy lasted okay.  Here he is after one week on my arm:

Definitely mostly worn off.  I often push my shirtsleeves up, and unfortunately I aimed a little too high on my arm and managed to place the tattoo precisely where the cuff of my favourite (and most-often-worn) hoodie gets pushed up to.

I'm sort of rationing the tattoos--as much as I want to put them all on at once and look completely silly, I also want to drag out the fun--so I'm only putting on one per week.  Rather than burn through my favourites first thing, I decided this week to go for a still-acceptable-but-not-really-loved design, "You're Late."

This one was hard to put on by myself; I didn't manage to line it up on my wrist quite right, and the strap on the underside is a little smudged.  I won't mind, however, if this one doesn't last the week.  It'll be fun for a day or two, but then I'll be glad to go back to the most beautiful watch in the world.

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