Changing Colours

I dyed my hair!

I've done this every so often since the autumn of 2004.  It's always some kind of unnatural pink or red stripe/section of hair.  Previous iterations include a chunk right up front (done by my friend Vicki on Tasmania):
And then a section across the back, assisted by Amanda in Smithers:
This across-the-back style was such a pain.  My neck was perpetually pink and the upkeep was very difficult to do by myself.

I couldn't find a decent photograph of the next version while it was fresh, but I think the fading out streak added a certain something to my zombie costume for Stephan and Katherine's film:
(Note to self: must get added to IMDb!  That would be hilarious!)

This time around I captured the process Cat Marnell-style, and lounged on my bed and took photographs with Photo Booth on my laptop.  While I was waiting for the bleach to do its stinky thing, I wore a tin-foil fascinator to keep things from dripping:
I think I was a little impatient with the bleach, and rinsed it out too soon.  It didn't look all that light at first and I was worried it wouldn't take the dye very well:
After slathering on Jerome Russell's Punky Colour in Pillarbox Red, I borrowed another xoJane tip and wore a plastic bag hat.  xoJane is a guilty pleasure at the moment.
And afterwards!  I am so in love with it, and can't believe I waited so long to do this.  This one is my favourite dye job so far.  You don't see the roots at all, so it will be very easy to grow out once I get tired of recolouring it every two weeks.
This photograph, taken on Saturday when Ben and I were walking around on Keno Hill, shows the colour better:
I got a little silly whenever I handed my camera to Ben.  I feel like such a fox with my red racing stripe.

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