Meat & Potatoes #4

I worked on a theme this week--a trip down memory lane in honour of my recent birthday--and played music by bands that I have seen live (Fred Penner, at the 2010 DCMF, is pictured above [in case you didn't recognize that silver fox]):

From two shows last winter here in Dawson:
1.  Rich Aucoin--At War With the Cynics

From Layla's Bluegrass and Country Inn in Nashville, TN:
2.  Hank Williams III--Six Pack of Beer
3.  Jypsi--House of the Rising Sun

From shows at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC:
4.  TV on the Radio--Ambulance
5.  Medeski, Martin and Wood--Bubble House
6.  Bullfrog--Slow Down

From other shows in Vancouver:
7.  Cat Power--Metal Heart (version from Jukebox)
8.  Primus--Southbound Pachyderm
9.  Lyrics Born--Do That There

From the Dawson City Music Festival in 2005:
10.  Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir--Stop and Listen
11.  Joel Plasket Emergency--Make a Little Noise
12.  Rae Spoon--Living a Country Song

From my time in Australia:
13.  Kid Koala--Emperor's Main Course
14.  Amon Tobin--(yikes--can't figure out what this one's called)
15.  Simply Red--If You Don't Know Me By Now

From DCMF 08 (Saturday evening Palace Grand show):
16.  Justin Rutledge--I'm Your Man, You're My Radio
17.  Bell Orchestre--Stripes
18.  Basia Bulat--In the Night

From DCMF 09:
19.  Luke Doucet--Beacon on the Southpaw
20.  Mother Mother--Body of Years
21.  Chad VanGaalen--Willow Tree

And from DCMF 2010:
22.  Fred Penner--The Cat Came Back
23.  The Burning Hell--The Berlin Conference
24.  JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound--I am Trying to Break Your Heart

From the very first show I ever went to back in grade 11:
25.  Wide Mouth Mason--This Mourning

And as per my brother Colin's request*:
26.  The Rheostatics--Saskatchewan

*I haven't actually seen the Rheostatics live, but have met Dave Bidini, so it sort of counts (and I wanted to give a shout-out to Colin--he actually opened for Wide Mouth Mason at that show a million years ago).

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